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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back To School

Jay worked evenings during December so that I could be at work early for our holiday hours. This meant that he took the girls to school, came home and tidied up while I showered and walked over to work. Then, he missed dinner with us and I did bath and all of our night routine by myself.

Today we are back on track. I go into work at 10, so I can drop the girls off, come home, tidy up, shower and walk to work. Then Jay is home to do bath every night... which is great!

I've been thinking a lot about moving out of the city lately. Our neighbors are crackheads (and I mean that literally) and this just doesn't seem like the right place for us anymore. I don't need to go far, but I think that we'd be more comfortable in a suburb. I'm willing to give up our school to feel safe.


  1. nice =) well i meant the schedule part, not the crackhead part.

    i enjoyed your last posts. i hope 2011 is great for you and all the hollers =)

  2. Hahah...

    I saw 2011 and in this font it looked like the name Lou. And I was like, "who is lou and why will he be good to the hollers."

    I hope that we are able to see you sooner rather than later. You know that we have big plans for Eugene, right?

  3. ps. the fact that 2011 looks like Lou miht have something to do with the fact that I'm not wearing my glasses right this second.

  4. I love me some city, but my decision to leave the big time was a great one! I fully support a larger yard, a garden, a place for a dog and kids to run, and a slower pace of life. The city will always be there for visiting.

  5. i was hoping that Lou, your crackhead neighbor, would be good to you in 2011, LOL!!!

    you told me about BGES and eugene, are there more details than that? come visit anytime, i have a comfy floor ;)

    i agree with kim, that's why i love portland so much, after living near and working in NYC portland seems like the burbs, but yeah, i think you should make it a goal to move out of the city.