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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something That Concerns Me

I wasted two hours of my life last night watching Sex In The City 2. Is there a more annoying character than Samantha? Her awesome wardrobe and fantastic figure simply do not compensate for the fact that she NEEDS TO SPEAK LIKE THAT!

But here is something that concerns me even more:

When did Sara Jessica Parker become Bette Midler?

To the left it's Better Midler in The Rose.

To the right it's SJP in Sex in The City.

I rest my case.


  1. lol! i didn't see the first one yet, but will eventually see both. samantha has always been my favorite, lol!

    and OMG, until i looked closer i thought they were both SJP??!!?? you win. in a landslide

  2. I haven't seen that yet. I wanted to very badly when it first came out even though it didn't look as good. And I hear it's not. But as a woman who was devoted to SATC I feel like I still need to watch - even if its a train wreck!

    And good call on the above photos!

  3. Samantha bugs me because every word out of her mouth is crude. I think that her character is based on something strong and interesting... but it's just written so terribly.

    And Kim, that is the way I feel about Twilight. I am in it till the end... no matter how awful the movies are.

  4. who wouldn't want to be bette midler. In Jr. High, I used to daydream that Bette was my real mom, and she'd come and take me away from the horrid Powell Middle school and together we'd be fancy vegetarians that sang and dance all day long? siet

  5. Well, unlike you, Sarah Jessica Parker has morphed into Bette Midler. Perhaps she had the same fantasy. LOL.

    ...those were Beaches times. I remember them well!