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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Each day on my way to work I pass two little stores that are owned by the same person. One is called "Loop" (and is where I buy my yarn) and the other is called "Spool" and sells fabric. I haven't gotten out my sewing machine in a long, long time (it is currently housed in a black plastic trash bag and living in my backyard, sitting against the side of my house). So anyway, I've never had a reason to go into spool before. But each day I admire an infinity scarf that is featured in the window.

Yesterday, I went to work to one of the most disastrous days that I've had. It was the sort of day when everyone I encountered just seemed mean and by the time L came in I started telling her about it and literally broke into a giant explosion of tears (please note that I might have PMS too). By the time I got home I was completely exhausted.

I decided to call Spool and ask how much the infinity scarf in their window costs. I thought that it was safer to call rather than to stop in because if it was crazily expensive I'd be less likely to buy it on impulse if I had to walk there and think about how much it costs and had to give myself a few minutes to try to justify it and fail.

The very friendly girl on the phone told me that it's not for sale, which I had suspected because I once asked if the yarn examples at Loop were for sale and was told that they aren't. But, she said, they could sell me everything that it takes to make it for $25. I explained to her that I didn't want to make it. I wanted to BUY the exact one from the window. But, her sugar exterior couldn't be cracked and several hours later I found myself heading home with a few yards of fabric and these figure 8 scarf instructions by Anna Marie Horner. It's such a simple pattern that I decided to use a straight pin and sew it by hand. After one night of sewing I'm almost done with the project.

Expect pictures tomorrow and wish me a better day at work today.


  1. Pretty smart of her to tuck the 1/2 " of the voile at the end. I love little neat (literally) projects like this.

  2. i like both the names of the stores. i am impressed that you even tried to talk her into buying it, lol ;)

    i am glad you got the stuff to make it, you're so crafty, i think it's turn out great, can't wait to see. <3

  3. Pics are up, ladies!

    It was such an easy project and I know that I'm going to get oodles of wear out of it. I love it so much. And I really liked that too, Emily! It worked out really well.