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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think that I'm going to start doing "more" with myself.

Lately I've been feeling not-so-foxy. I was asked out at work on Friday and blushed with disbelief that anyone would be so silly as to want to ask me to do anything. I just feel... OLD... and reptilian... and fat... and BLAH. I feel like a big, obese crocodile with poor eye sight and bad hair.

Okay, the reality is this: there is nothing that I can do about my hair. Anyone who has ever grown her or his hair from super-short to super-long knows the mushroom place where my head will be for the next six months. It sucks. But, I knew what I was getting into and I'm simply going to have to see past my mushroom head and imagine the beautiful, luscious, long, pantene pro-v hair that I'll someday have. With any luck, 2011 will see another pregnancy and I'll have the growth support of pre-natal vitamins.

I think that I"m going to make a true effort to put on a bit of make-up each day. Not a ton. Just a bit. And maybe buy a few new, nice clothes? Get some new frames. Take more bubble baths. Paint my TOE NAILS. Use body butter every day. Pluck.

I am just tired of feeling like a turtle (the kind you see at the zoo. Not the kind in Chinatown).


  1. hahaha, sorry but this is funny, just bc of your humor about it, i love you! and you're beautiful!

    i know what you mean though.

    i can't wait for my new glasses. i've been plucking and wearing mascara and lip gloss which is the only make i would ever wear, lol. and wearing real clothes out instead of stained house clothes, lol. good luck!

  2. Pregnancy??? Oooh!! Exciting! ANd I think you're gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Erika! That's sweet of you.

    We're going to try to have another baby... but nothing yet!

  4. I have been feeling the same way! I haven't been "real" shopping basically since I left D.C. And there are some days I don't even get a shower in! This is mostly because I think, "I'm going to the gym later and don't want to bother." But I usually try to be dressed with make-up by the time Todd gets home. I sometimes feel like I should wear more make-up, but Todd tells me no. I stick to just mascara and lip gloss.

    You just want to feel sexy for your man, you know!?

  5. prenatal vitamins. not just for pregnancy anymore.