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Friday, January 14, 2011

Post About Nothin'

Originally those chips were going to be cropped and perched on top of my shoulder for another post, but they're just so cute that I wanted to use them for a happy post. I especially enjoy that the sour cream and onion chip is so stinky.
I am feeling pretty pleased lately.
It was really nice to go back to work (for real this time) yesterday. I had a productive day, but when I left it was even colder than it had been when I walked there in the morning. My hands and feet burned (even through my incredibly uncool/unhip/winter-man boots). By the time the girls came out of the school everyone was begging to grab a cab home (including me). I agreed and we walked and watched for taxis. Because of the unbearable conditions, all of the cabs that passed us were full. So, finally we ducked into the LaVa Cafe where the girls had bowls of warm soup, a lava cake and mama drank the best cup of coffee she's ever had. We waited there until Jay, like a brave knight, rode in on his minivan to save us from the elements and whisked us away to Best Buy where he picked up the Nexus One (I think) to play with. Honestly, it looks like an iphone, but not as nice. It looks like an iphone knock off, which I tend to think about every phone that isn't an iphone. For the record, I don't care about technology at all. I don't care about gadgets. I don't feel like they're status symbols and I think it's silly to walk around with three phones that together cost well over $1000. But, my husband loves these things. And I'm lucky that he does because if he didn't I wouldn't have an iphone. I wouldn't "get" why they're so wonderful. Now I am ruined from everything else, always. And I do not like the iphone 4 (or whatever it's called). I like the iphone 3, with the curvy edges and black back. Someday, this will be the most outdated phone in the world, and I'll still be trying to buy it on ebay (because I drop my phone all the time I have to replace it constantly. I'm not positive about this, but I'm pretty sure that the phone that I got for Christmas is my 4th 3rd generation iphone in about two years).
On an entirely different note, Bunny must be having some major growth spurt- both emotionally and physically. Very recently I've noticed that she looks very grown up. And she's really settling into her own personality, which is cool-and-aloof. When I see her around other children she's never vying for any one's attention. She's incredibly self-possessed, which I admire in her. She also doesn't try to command attention or boss people around. She just quietly does her dainty, little thing. And her personality is suddenly so adult. We are waking up and laying around and have on Playhouse Disney. She turned to me and said, "It's odd. I find this annoying and funny... all at the same time."
Okay, so this post is about nothing... but I don't have much going on right now. Which is always better, I think...


  1. you used a common play from my book, blog about nothing and a lot will end up out there!

    boo to cold weather. i either have to a) walk to the corner store and get crappy food or b/c) walk or ride to the grocery store and get real food. or not eat. usually portland isn't too cold but this year it's been freezing and even into the teens at night. brrr.

    i am really mad at verizon bc i had a phone i was completely happy with but i had an upgrade i had to use so i got a phone that looks cooler but is totally a downgrade bc all the ones that i wanted required me to add a $25 data plan. i want an iPhone, but they be spensive, yo. but it's like a mini computer that actually works. i've heard bad reviews of the i4 and also that verizon customers should wait bc the iPhone is probably going to suck on their network.

    I am happy to hear about bunny. maybe now that things are more settled she'll have less anxiety. kids say some of the most awesome and hilarious things...

  2. Hey, how come the i4 will suck on verizon? Are they still expensive when they are on your network? I'm pretty sure that mine hasn't been... but I don't know because I never actually handle it. Phones are Jay's deal. lol.

    I miss you! xoxo

  3. well, it's new and anything new will have kinks, rather than being one of the first, i will wait until the kinks are worked out.

    it's like at least $100 / month for an iPhone bc you have to have a good data plan, otherwise it's not worth it. right now i pay $60 for 450minutes and unlimited txt. $25 is good for 15mb a month which would be about 15minutes on the internet. so i would need to get the good web plan which is like $50+ so there i am paying $110 for phone service.


  4. nikkol, if you can pay for the phone up front, you can actually get decent rates on phone plans...it's when you take the carrier discount and get into a contract that it becomes more expensive. Most carriers have a data plan that is $30 a month, or lesser plans for like $20 or $15, but like you said, if you use a lot of data, it could end up not being worth it for the $20 plan cause you'll pay for overage charges. But you can usually find a talk/text/data package for about $70 a month if you don't go into a contract.
    Anna, the phone i got the other day is the Nexus S, the follow up to the Nexus One. Everyone keeps messing up the name though, I see it happening in reviews all over the place. I just like to get a temperature of what it's ACTUALLY like to use android on my terms, which is hard to do unless you have it on your person. I really enjoy seeing the innovations in technology and trying different stuff out.