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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hope I don't have...

Hopefully I'm okay.

I got a call yesterday about the blood work that I had done. It turns out that one of the tests was for hormones and mine were out of whack. They asked if I could come back on Wed. after 8:30 and said that I could walk in and that would be fine. I planned to go right at 8:30 so that I could hop over to work as soon as I was done.

Then they called and said that the Dr. wants to see me and that I'd need an appointment. They said that she wants me to have another test and recheck my blood work and that she'll talk to me tomorrow at 10:30. I asked for an earlier appointment because I have to be at work at ten, but unfortunately we're having a blizzard tonight and they're not starting appointments until 10.

I asked T if it was okay if I stepped out and he was really nice about it and told me that I could put a note on the door and close the store while I went. After talking to him I got really scared that I wouldn't be able to get back in an hour. I mean, what if it took two hours and I left the store by itself for that long? I just know that I'd feel sick leaving, but I'd be an anxious mess about being away for so long. So, I called the office back (they must love me) and asked for some assurance that I could be back at work (it's only two blocks away) by 11:30. The receptionist said that generally she thought that an hour would be an appropriate time allotment but that because they were shuffling so many appointments and because of the snow... she couldn't promise me that it would work out. So, I canceled.

But then I was telling L about it and he told me to call J and see if he could just work from open to close. Which I did. And he agreed to.

Don't I work with an incredible bunch of people? Every single person who I talked to about this bent over backwards to make it happen so that I can put my health first.

Jay is going to go to work and then (because school will definitely be canceled) will come home to watch the girls (who are not allowed in the dr's office- WEIRD) and then he'll have to go back to work.

By the way, I am sure that there's nothing truly wrong with me. My Hashimotos disease causes all sorts of problems and it's likely related to that. Of course, it's a little bit freaky when you have some blood work done and a dr. wants to see you immediately...

Here's what I tend to jump to:

...to be continued.


  1. i hope you're okay! it's great that work was willing to work with you =-) lemme know what's up. love!

  2. aw, c'mon, leaving us hanging... i hope it is not bad at all and something super awesome like bionic powers.

  3. hahah..

    Oh, I'm totally fine! I have to have a test and I have a little hormone thing going on... but I'm totally healthy.

    How are you guys, Anthony?

  4. we are all sick. various infections, ear, sinus or upper respiratory. but we are getting better and quite happy and good otherwise i would say. my job is shortly ending which is scary but i have one job offer which is a good thing but it is a stinky commute so that is not as good. so we shall see. i shall have to email you more, no good to get all info from your blog.

  5. You'd be surprised how much my blog connects me to people. I wish that everyone kept one.

    I had no idea that your job was ending. What is the commute like for the new job? Jay has had a really nice commute for the past few years. He just walks a mile to work. But, in the next year we plan on moving out of the city and the commute might become an hour or so... We're both nervous about this.

  6. yeah, no, i am very glad that i get this insight into you and the Holler happenin's. i should be better about keeping one myself really. but i do miss the personal connections too.

    i did not have too much idea either that my job was ending! =) well, i knew it would at some point really but it happened kind of quickly.

    the new commute will be about an hour i think, hopefully. i really have no idea of traffic patterns though so, at best it is 45 minutes, at worst, much much worse.
    i have been spoiled, the 11 miles i go now to work is the most i have had to do for my entire 15 year career.
    so we may move also, closer to you i suppose as the job is right outside Trenton.
    where are you intending to move to?

  7. I'm looking at the Cherry Hill area. Collingswood looks good. It's not far from Philly and has good schools. Maybe look around there!!!!

  8. I'm glad everything is OK (sorry, I'm so far behind on everything).

    Before I got pregnant, I was having period issues, and started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. They didn't allow people to bring children to appointments because folks who were struggling with infertility might be upset at the sight of kids. Not that they can avoid kids all of the time, but a visit to that Dr. is a time when it's best, I guess.

  9. Hmmm... that's interesting. This is an ob-gyn. They'll allow them in the waiting room, however. It makes sense. Rather than being about disturbing the office it's about sensitivity. I hadn't considered that.