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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Picture Update Day 4

We had a really great and active day today.

I got up early and went out to the gym while the girls went to breakfast with my Dad.  I did a whole body workout on the weights and then got my cardio on the treadmill.  We all met back up at the house and my mom and I headed out to the beach with the girls.  I really love the beach and they are just so pretty here.  At this time of year the Gulf of Mexico is as warm as a bathtub and I ended up spending most of my time in the water swimming and treading water with Bunny.  We came home for a late lunch and while the kids swam, I ran out to get a few books.  I need one to float around the pool with and another to fulfill Lila's summer reading requirement to enter the second grade (how in the world is my baby going into the second grade????)  Unfortunately, my favorite bookstore has closed and is being turned into a grocery store.

Later in the day I took the girls out to buy them new helmets for their bikes.  When we came home we went out for a ride.  Though Lila's a great bike rider,  Bunny finally got the hang of it today.

After dinner we jumped back in the pool for a few games of Marco Polo and now we're settling into the night, waiting for the Olympic gymnastics to being and having a bit of dessert.  Everyone is tired.  It should be an early night for all.

Here are a few pictures from the day.


  1. Anne Rice's Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty trilogy has been re-released...and is at Target.

    Just saying. But - you might not be able to read it in public....

  2. Mathew, I read the first one. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

    It was well written, but I found the violent nature of it unpalletable. It was, like, REALLY disturbing to me.

  3. Really? I have to admit, it's been years since I read it - 1991 to be exact. I guess perhaps we have different ideas of violence - in that book, if I recall, no one is killed, no one is hurt (well, their pride maybe, lol) and everyone is enjoying themselves. A lot. Then again, it is about S&M and B&D and that in itself could be considered a form of violence, I suppose. Either way, I am glad you read it. Anne is my favorite author - EVER - and I am always happy when I can share that with a friend. You did finish the book, yes?

  4. Okay, well truth of truths, I'm just pretty conservative. That said, there's a lot of what I would consider rape going on. And it makes it a lot worse to me that the characters in the book end up enjoying it. Like I said, it was well written, but it really disturbed me.

  5. LOL. I am laughing so loud right now.

  6. This is exactly like that time at KK's apartment when everyone was passing a joint around and I loudly realized that it wasn't rolled tobacco.