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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Diet Tip

I like a tomato as much as the next guy, I suppose.  I mean, I love tomato soup, so long as it has plenty of cream and is covered in cheese-itz.  I like tomato juice, so long as it is one part vodka, a little bit spicy and has a celery stick and toothpick stacked with green olives climbing out of it.  And I like raw bitty tomatoes, just so long as they are dipped in hummus.  And I like tomato sauce, when it's made from scratch (by moi) and smothering a bowl of spaghetti.  I never imagined that I could like tomatoes enough to drink a glass of v-8.

Any-who, I am working pretty hard at making good food choices lately, which has meant making the most of my calories.  I use this online calorie count program that gives everything you eat a grade from A-F and then gives your day an overall grade and tells you what percentage of nutrients you earned.  In my quest to find better health and to not only lose weight, but to gain control of my nourishment, I am trying to use the calories I get each day on nutrient laden foods instead of on sometimes more delicious, but nutrient barren foods and drink.

I have discovered that it is pretty-stinking-beneficial to drink an 8 oz. glass of low-sodium v-8 between meals.  Not only is it filling and satisfying, it's loaded with awesome stuff that I tend not to get enough of (like vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium).  I am not a fan of fruit, so I tend not to get enough vitamins and this is actually pretty filling.  It really takes the edge off of my between meal hunger.


  1. I would take it personally if the site gave me less than an A. ;)

  2. Sometimes I'm surprised by the grades that foods get. There are a few requirements that are hard to meet. For instance, I eat A LOT of vegetables but not a ton of fruit. I never seem to be able to meet my fiber requirement. I mean, at least 75 percent of my diet is raw vegetable. Also, even though I stopped adding salt to my food and stopped cooking with it, I always go over my sodium allotment. I am guilty of using pre made salad dressing and marinades, which kills me. They are probably the only processed foods that go in my system, and yet it always puts me over. I guess its the price I pay for convenience.