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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moxie- the ladies tampon

Alright, ya'll.  So, I'm not one to come onto my blog to talk about my period, tampons, cramps, bloating (okay, okay, so I totally complain about bloating, I know), moodiness, absorbency and on and on...

But, of course, because it was the day before I had to travel to my beach vacation, I got my period.  Which means that the most miserable day of this monthly affair will happen on the day that I am traveling across the country with two children and hands that are full- FANTASTIC.

All I had at home was a box of big, bulky tampons that would inevitably become tools for public humiliation by my daughter.  Days from now I'd be chatting it up with Doug from the Hardware store about fishing, red meat and football and look down to see that Lila has unwrapped all of my tampons and has them out on the counter, pretending that they are dancing girls on a stage while drawing faces on them with a sharpie marker.

Truthfully, I would talk about good ole Aunt Flo to anyone who wanted to know, but I realize that it makes many people uncomfortable.  And as a result, that makes me uncomfortable.

I used to use the diva cup and truly loved it, but I lost it (how do you even lose something like that?)  It's likely being used as a Barbie hat or something now.  I never think to pick another one up while I'm in Whole Foods, and I don't know of any other nearby store that sells them.  So, until I think of the diva cup at a convenient time, I am at the mercy of good-ole-fashioned-tampons.

Yesterday, I had a few errands to do.  I needed to pick up a little double daddy for my husband, tampons and a treat for Bunny.  Bunny and I decided to walk instead of drive, which is something we should really do more often.  We stopped at the grocery store so that we could do it all in one stop.  While there I decided to pick up a box of tampons for my trip.  I wanted something small and compact, so that I could easily fit more than enough in my already overstuffed purse while traveling.

I came across the prettiest tampons ever.  They are made by Moxie and sincerely speak to the 1940's pin-up living in my little heart and soul.  She owns real-estate in the tiniest place within my psyche and is certainly out-shined by the 1960's advocate and the 1990's Tori Amos worshipper who still wears Chanel vamp lipstick AND nail-polish, but my inner-pin-up is present and accounted for and solely represented by a box of tampons.

Truth be told, it should come as no surprise that I am a marketing junkie.  Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce should study me because I completely buy into a good marketing campaign.  Even when I can tell that an ad is pandering to my demographic, I can't help myself but be hooked and reeled in.  My mind is weak this way.

Back to tampons.  These tampons cost about a dollar more than the tampons that I would usually buy.  It's enough to make me take pause, but not enough to prevent me from purchasing them.  They are SO PRETTY.  I came home and admired them and showed Jay and thought of all the things that I could do with the little tins that they come in- like store cinnamon or tissues or chap stick or q-tips.

The tins alone are worth that extra dollar to me.

Look at them!  Aren't they just the prettiest things that you've ever seen.  I haven't tried one yet, so I can't give any sort of product-review... truthfully, I have never had a problem with tampons so I'm not the right person for that job.  A tampon is a tampon is a tampon is a tampon in my opinion.  But it doesn't hurt that they are making a tampon that I look forward to buying!


  1. Ahhhhh! Those are so adorable! I would buy them for the tins, too!

  2. Excellent! My husband seemed to think that I was crazy... but they are just so pretty. Thank you for validating me (per usual) friend.

  3. My great grandfather had a (male) cousin named Moxie. No kidding! :)

  4. (and it wasn't a nickname either.)

  5. I'm personally not a fan of the tampons themselves. The tins are adorable, don't get me wrong, but OB has always worked better for me. To be honest the only reason I bought them was for the tin.