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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garden Update 14 weeks

I am a little bit nervous about what will happen to my garden while I'm on vacation for 2 weeks with the girls.  Jay has promised to water faithfully, but I just know that all of my tomatoes are going to ripen while I'm gone.  I think that I'll commit Jay to sending pictures of everything twice a week.  haha...

I thinned out one of my garden beds the other day.  One of my squash plants wasn't producing and was taking up a lot of room.  The bed was crowded.  I feel like my round zucchini plants might be on their way out and when I come home from vacation I might remove them and begin preparing the soil for peas and cauliflower.

Here are a few poorly organized pictures from the morning!

My first baby pumpkin


Pepper leaf

What appears to be a new pepper plant that has mysteriously popped through the soil of my whiskey barrel (home to the other pepper plants).  This is the same barrel that Dancer kicked up when he was staying with us.  Is Dancer a secret farmer who was cultivating my crop?  This has yet to be seen.

Cardinal climbers, getting high.

One little watermelon plant is really outdoing itself.

There are only two big watermelon on this vine so far.  I'll take it.  They are getting really big.


Baby Cucumber (blurry and under the California Poppy)

This is actually thinned out.

Acorn Squash. Really growing.

Round zucchini.  But why is it yellow?

My corn is taller than my children now and up to my shoulders.  I'll bet that by the time I'm home on August 15th there will be silk and corn.

Crookneck squash plant that is now being devoured by snails and I don't care.



More tomatoes.  So many there... but none are ripe

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