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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is This Normal?

Check out the roots on my cucumbers!  They are partially above the soil, as if they had been pulled up (which they have not).  Otherwise, the cucumbers seem fine (I mean, the plants seem fine.  There aren't actual cuce's yet).


  1. Chances are that the soil was just erroded away from watering.

  2. They should be fine; if you have a little bit of compost or soil left in a bag, you could mound some around it just to protect from dryness and sun, but it's not necessary. You haven't had any cucumbers yet? I've already picked three, and a fourth is quickly growing - but on the other hand I have had not a single squash conmpared to your dozens. So, cucumbers are a type of melon, and like other melons and squash, they have both boy and girl flowers. The boy flowers are just flowers on a stem, and they will never turn into cucumbers. The girl flowers look the same, but have a tiny little cucumber at the base of the flower. Once you start seeing girl flowers, you can even pollinate them yourself with a small paintbrush if the bees and moths aren't doing their jobs.

  3. Mathew! Sadly I don't even have flowers yet!!!! You know, these were strange. I planted the seeds and nothing happened, so I dug them up. Unfortunately, I must have missed a few and they began sprouting up. I felt like they were survivors and didn't have the heart to pick them. I hope that they are cucumbers and not weeds. I am constantly afraid that I am cultivating weeds.

  4. LOL. Those are not weeds. And even if they were - many weeds become beautiful plants when shown a little care and given nourishment.