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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weight Update 14 Weeks

I have been feeling really great lately!  For the first time in so long I feel happy, healthy and in control of my life.  This has been a very tough, painful journey for me and I have learned so much about myself.  I am acknowledging things about myself that I have ignored and have hidden for most of my life.  In the process, I am  healing and accepting and becoming healthier and more self-aware.  Though this began as a weight loss journey, I have done far more than lost a few pounds.  I have faced demons and tackled flaws and slayed dragons (dragons who breathe cheese fries).  A few pairs of my smallest jeans fit again and I'm technically only 1 pound overweight!

Mentally I've been in a great place this week.  I have been eating a diet of mostly raw vegetables, lean protein, vegetable fats (lots of avocados and olive oil) and lots and lots and lots of tomatoes.  Tomatoes are my favorite thing these days.  Honestly, I think that there is very little that is as delicious as a sliced tomato dripping with olive oil, sliced garlic and sprinkled with pepper.  YUM.  I'm also snacking on things like cherry tomatoes dipped in hummus and mixing chick peas in my salads.

I feel great and I know that my nutrition grade is a B+ or higher each day on my calorie count ap. I am getting very close to my calorie target each day, sometimes going a few calories over and occasionally coming in a few hundred calories below.  Really, it depends on how active I am each day.  I am finding that planning my food ahead of time is incredibly helpful to me, as one of the traps that I tend to fall into is mindless eating and a poor concept of portion. When I pre-assign an amount that I should eat, I am less likely to take seconds or pick here and there as I'm cooking.  Also, I have stopped eating the food that my children leave behind on their plates (something that I am so guilty of) by asking them to scrape them in the trash when they are done eating.

All in all I had a great week.  I did a weigh in today and I actually took off a lot of weight, which s strange because I maintained my weight for so many weeks while fewer calories.  The body is a funny machine.  I'm not sure why I lost so much weight all of the sudden, but I am not worried because I have been super healthy and in a good place!

Now we are off to the Redwoods for a camping trip!  I love California!  There's so much to explore.  I am bringing a bottle of white wine and am looking forward to sipping a few glasses by the campfire after a day of hiking and swimming and exploring.

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  1. Way to go Anna! This is inspiring for sure! I miss seeing you on facebook, but am really happy to connect here :) I hope you had a fab time camping :0
    Lora xxoo