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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Update 12 Weeks

Interestingly, everything in my front yard is doing exceptionally well.  Even the "mistakes" grown from seeds that I thought I'd removed in crowded beds are growing and sprawling and beautiful.  Yet, I have doted on my backyard and planned and given adequate space but everything is such a mess.  I think that it's fair for me to call my peppermint patch turned watermelon patch a huge failure.  I kept hoping that I could bring it back with nutrients, but it becomes less healthy in appearance by the day.

Neighbors have been stopping to compliment the growth of my squash.  I take a lot of pride in this because I previously had worried that they might mistakenly think that I was out there watering my weeds.

 This is my pumpkin patch.  There are two plants here and they are starting to make vines and sprawl a little bit.  This makes me incredibly happy as I hear from my neighbors that pumpkins do very well here.
 Peppers!  I picked my first pepper for our bbq the other day and used another one when I made fajitas last night.
This garden bed breaks my heart.  It looks SO UGLY.  I want to make it into something next year but I do not know how to get rid of the peppermint.  Clearly, planting in the bags of compost failed in this instance.  Just not the size and color of these watermelon plants.  They are not much bigger than they were the first day that I brought them home.  I had one leftover plant that I stuck in my front yard because I didn't know what else to do with it and didn't want to throw it out.  That watermelon has grown into  a long, green, healthy, flowering vine that is full of babies.
Do you see what I mean.  Look at this watermelon and compare it to the plant above.  Planted the same day.  :(
Baby Watermelon.
This tomato plant has humongous tomatoes on it.  They are already giant but still hard and green.  
This is a peek inside of my crookneck squash plant.  This plant is so big that it has grown these very long, thick limbs that are outside of the garden bed and are growing new branches with squash.  I gave a bag of them away last night and still, I probably have 10 in there that are big enough to eat.  My next door neighbor says that they can be frozen.  I might have to try this out.
It will not be long before these zucchini reach out onto the road!!!!
You are looking at cucumbers, poppies, zucchini, garlic and acorn squash.  All are going well with barely any space to call their own.
I mean, just look at this giant, healthy, delicious zucchini (that I'm going to eat with dinner tonight).
Acorn Squash.  So cute!
Massive garden bed.

Next year I will do things differently and choose some different things to grow and plan better.

I have some time, but I really need to solve my peppermint patch dilemma.  Even if I just pot plants to grow in that space or create some sort of succulent garden, I can't stand having a big plot of mulch there.

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