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Friday, July 27, 2012

Blind with a pinched nerve, and now this.

Disclaimer:  This picture was taken by Bunny while I was drinking my coffee and reading the wikki page on flamingos first thing this morning.  So, that glaze-eyed-no-makeup-but-what-remains-smudged-under-my-eyes-from-yesterday look about me is just how I naturally am first thing in the morning. I would normally not use this picture, but I haven't been successful in getting another picture of Sidney's hurt leg and I want to write this post.

Poor, poor, poor Sidney Holler.  Yesterday afternoon Bunny had her friend (who I like to call Dawson from across the creek) over to play.  The kids were running around in the backyard and Sidney was chasing after them.

All of the sudden Sidney screamed out in pain and when I ran over to her there was blood spilling out of her dewclaw, which was partially ripped out of her leg.  It was terrible.

I woke Jay up and had him watch the kids and rushed Sidney to the vet.  They had to give her local anesthesia and rip the claw out completely.

She was incredibly patient with the vet and so scared and in such pain.  They took her away from me to remove the claw but I heard her crying and screaming as they did it.  Can you imagine how awful that would be?

I know that this probably happened because her nail was too long.  I had just taken her in to have her nails clipped on Monday, but often they leave them too long because they are afraid of quicking her.  While the vet had her in the back he clipped all of her nails back to be much shorter.

So now, while we are on vacation, Sidney and Groovy-James are going to a dog-nanny while Jay works.  We will have to ask her to give the antibiotics because Sidney has to have them for 10 days.

Speaking of Groovy-James, though Sidney has left her bandage alone and hasn't tried to chew it off, Groovy HAS.  Every chance he gets he's nipping at Sidney leg.

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  1. Aw, poor Sidney.

    I think you look positively beautiful. :)