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Saturday, July 28, 2012


The girls and I are taking the red eye to Florida tonight.  It's a double edged sword.  On one hand, I hate overnight flights because though I can sleep half of the time, half of the time I can't.  AND sleeping while sitting up is about  as comfortable as sleeping on the ground, outside in December.  That said, if you CAN sleep and if your children can sleep... you're golden.  You are there before you know it.  No one ever asks "how much longer" or complains that they are bored.  6 hours is a loooooooooooonnnngggggg flight for a 7 or 8 year old.  Sleep is a gift.

So, off we go!

I am going to try to post a picture a day on my vacation.  Though, there will be lots of time for relaxing, I doubt that I'll spend much time at the computer and I'll be relying on my iPad to put up new posts.  I can never peck much out on that thing.  But a picture a day... I think that I can handle that.

Of course, on August 8th I'll be reviewing a new cookbook called The Market Vegan and I'm excited to start experimenting with recipes ASAP.

In other Holler news, my bestie Mathew is getting married in November and our whole family is heading out to Denver for his wedding.  As of yesterday our flights and hotel have all been booked.  This is the first hotel that I'm staying at in years and because I'm petrified of bed bugs I need a significant amount of time to prepare mentally.  Also, I may wrap my entire family is press-n-seal and force them all to sleep naked and cover our luggage in trash bags while simultaneously hiding it in the bath tubs.  Soooooo... you can expect to see a rebirth of the crazy in me.


  1. Ooooh, what part of Florida are you going to be in? I'm headed out on Thursday for Florida to pick Girly up from her trip. I'll be there from Aug. 4th to the 8th and mostly in the Orlando area. Email me if you think we can meet up!

  2. HI Erika,

    I will be down in Naples. I will email you right now!!!!!! I'll email both of the accounts that I have for you. Orlando is around 4 hours from Naples, but if you could go a little south than I could absolutely go a little north. I'll talk to my dad about borrowing his car. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!