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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Becoming a Doula, Doncha Know!

After reestablishing this blog, it occurred to me that I should mention what I'm doing professionally!  Those who know me understand that until recently there has been nothing that I've wanted to do professionally for more than 5 minutes.  I have lots of likes and interests and I have given 1 million percent of myself to my children, but I have never been particularly career driven, until now!

Please visit the Doula Diaries to read about my journey in becoming a Postpartum Doula!  www.douladiaries.com

Coincidentally, two great friends of mine have chosen to join the doula movement recently as well!  Together we are journaling our experiences and sharing our knowledge and community.  I have been friends with Tali since 1993 and I have been friends with Mandie since 2001.  I find so much joy in sharing my education through our blog, but I find even more joy in reading about THEIR experiences.  Both of these women make me take pause each and every day.  They help me to see things from a new perspective and I learn as much from them as I do our Childbirth And Postpartum Association curriculum!

Truthfully, I am delighted and pleased by how easily things are falling into place! As friends have always said, "when it is meant to be, it happens."  Families are eagerly needing the services that I am offering and I am already having to ask families to wait until I have completed my training process before I can feel totally confident in offering them the best care imaginable.  By October I hope to have completed my certification and to have received accreditation from the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. 

In the mea

ntime I am practicing my education on my own family, working hard and enjoying my education.

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