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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Confessions From A Couch Potato Chip

Without any hesitation, I tell that you I absolutely love television.  I am not one to watch something when it's on... but I like to record shows and get a little sample of everything new that comes out.

Most people know that I'm really like this about everything in popular culture.  I am just totally fascinated by things that are created to entertain people.  And though I enjoy a dynamic documentary that is meant to create movement, I also really love a mindless TV show that was only created to offer distraction.

Today, while I was doing my dishes, I started to think about The Office and how sad I am that it's over.  There are some TV shows that you sample and maybe watching a season of before losing interest in.  And then there are some that you really look forward to.  The Office was a show that I really, really loved and am sad to see it over.

I made a little mental list of TV shows that I love and wanted to share them here.  Some are old and some are still in production.  They are all favorites, but I am starting with the shows that I look forward to the most!

Boardwalk Empire
The Office
American Horror Story
The Rock of Love
Dawson’s Creek
Dance Mom’s
Teen Mom 2
House of Cards
The Real World
The Facts of Life
Modern Family
Arreseted Development
Party Down
Parks and Recreation
Twin Peaks

The Following
A Baby Story
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Paula's Home Cooking
The Real Housewives of Atlanta 

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