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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sherbert Update

Sherbert is home from the hospital.  We have him sequestered in Lila's bedroom and we're letting her sleep in our room for the week.

Sherbert is in really terrible shape.  I knew that it was bad... but I didn't anticipate it being THIS bad.  When they were prepping him for surgery last night they discovered a hole in his leg.  It's the same leg where the muscle underneath was torn and hanging.  I can't believe that he could walk on it.  It's as if something took his whole leg in its mouth and tried to chew it off.  It's HORRIBLE.  Also, they had to declaw his back paws, which are certainly very sore.  The claws had been ripped out in such a way that the only way to truly heal them was to remove what remained of his nail bed.

It's going to be a tough few days.

Sherbert is on painkillers and antibiotics and has tubes in the wounds around his leg.  The wound on his back was able to be stitched up without a tube.

He's very drugged and groggy.  But since he's gotten home, Sherbert has eaten a remarkable amount of food.  I am impressed by what a survivor he is.

Here are a couple of pictures.


  1. oh wow, i am so sorry to hear about Sherbet! that must be so hard. =( i think you did the right thing letting him go out though. my first cat ever was an outdoor/indoor cat and i know he would not have been happy just inside, even though we lived on a very busy street. of course one day he got hit by a car and was killed, but he enjoyed the time he had outside much more than being inside all the time. it is a balance and so difficult to want to keep them safe but knowing that that safety will make them miserable. i hope he recovers quickly.

  2. Thanks Anthony. I do too.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to let him outside again now. He's in such terrible condition, I don't even know if he'll want to go out. That said, after he dragged himself home, he wanted to go outside again. So...

  3. oh geez. yeah, that will be awful. with no back claws especially. and there is no middle ground like a leash or large caged pen or something for cats. i know my last cat, Moritz, yearned for the outdoors but her previous owner had her front declawed so she wouldn't last in our neighborhood. one night she did get out by accident and was huddled under our front bushes in the morning.

  4. So sorry about Sherbie Holler! I am glad he survived and is recovering.

  5. Poor, poor thing! Yikes! Our cats are indoors only but they've never been interested in going out. I hope he heals quickly!

  6. Am just getting caught up! That looks awful...her feral background helped her survive. I'm betting she's even scrappier than you suspect! :)