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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am so excited!  Our tickets are all booked for our Christmas journey out to Denver.  Originally we were going to drive, but the plane tickets were no more expensive than the drive would be and it's the difference of traveling for 24 hours and traveling for about 4 hours.  I'll take it!

Our original plan was to stay in Denver for a very short time, arriving on December 24th and leaving on the 26th.  But this morning my Dad surprised me and told me that he and my mom are going to head out to Denver as well!  For this reason we're going to extend our trip to the 29th.  That way we can all take the girls out to together and see some of the old places that we used to go and the house that I grew up in.  They are even going to take us all out to dinner to my favorite restaurant, The Briarwood Inn.  My dad also offered to take the kids overnight at their hotel for one night so that Jay and I can enjoy a grownup night out with friends!

This is going to be the best Christmas ever!  I am so excited!

I love Denver so much.  I haven't been there with my parents since we all moved away.  I can't wait to show the girls around.  I can't wait for them to spend time with my friends and experience the people who pretty much make my world spin!

We are going to keep the fact that my parents will be there a secret.  They're going to be shocked to see them!

December can not get here quickly enough.


  1. :) That is amazing news!! I am excited as well and can't wait for December and the Holler's to get here!

  2. What a fun trip you have planned! And your parents are awesome!!

  3. That's awesome!! I haven't been to Denver in a long time, but I have great memories! I bet it's beautiful during Christmas time.

  4. It is! I grew up there and my husband and I go back every year. This year we didn't go in the summer because we have 2 trips book for the winter. I have been missing my friends something terrible!

  5. I wish we could meet up! Our baby is due Dec. 9 though, and my family will be here, so don't think I ' ll be making it far! :)