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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Surprise!

On Thursday Jay and I planned a date night.  One of Jay's old friends was in San Francisco playing drums for Sondre Lerche and we planned to see them with our friends Donna and Max.  We were meeting them at a restaurant beforehand to grab a bite to eat and when we got there they had a big surprise for us!  Our friend Christian had flown out here the morning before for a surprise visit!  This was a great surprise, especially for the kids.  Christian has had Christmas with us every year for nearly a decade and Bunny has already started feeling sad about missing him this year.   She nearly started to hyperventilate when she saw him the following day!

Yesterday we met back up with Donna and Max and went out for a hike.  The hike didn't happen, but we found an excellent beach with lots of people and surfers.  We're going to head back in two weekends to picnic, swim and spend the day.  Both of the girls are really interested in surfing and CA is the perfect place to learn.

Here are a few pictures from our day!

When we got home we picked our huge watermelon.  

It is 28 lbs and perfect.  I hope that the others grow because this one is crazily delicious.  I wonder why it grew so well.  Because it was in the front yard I've had a few people stop me to talk about it.  As it turns out, growing watermelon isn't that easy to do.  I guess that I got really lucky with this one.  


  1. what a beautiful beach, and watermelon to top it all off!

  2. That's a nice watermelon! The cucumber beetles decimated our watermelon plants. The other day, David picked what he thought was a watermelon. It was a green pumpkin! I don't know how he got that screwed up. Watermelons are smooth. Pumpkins have ridges. Silly man.

  3. I am still working on eating this watermelon. I'll be damned if any of it is going to waste.