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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The move

It's been a long time since I blogged. So much has changed that the obligatory "catch up" blog where I talk your ear off about our new home and the holidays seems like an impossible undertaking. The very thought of rehashing my past six months is overwhelming and, well, just a little bit depressing. So, here's my catch up: Jay hated his job. He got a new job that is five billion times better than his old job in every way imaginable. And then we moved to California. And now we are all happy.

It was as if there was a HAPPY/SAD light switch that was flicked. It's no secret that I never felt at home on the east coast. I just never quite fit in. I kept trying to settle down, but my heart was always elsewhere. We were always planning our next move and each time we'd resign to plant roots I'd become restless and blue. At some point I decided, this must just be the way I am. A place can't make me happy or unhappy. I am responsible for my own feelings. So buck up. As it turns out, this wasn't the case at all. The tri-state was actually totally responsible for my unhappiness and California is my favorite place on earth. For the first time in my LIFE I feel like a fit in somewhere. It's more than the nice weather (I actually think it's warmer in New Jersey right now) or the friendly nature of the people around us or the fact that I am awestruck by the beauty of where I live every time I hop in the car and run to the market! I just feel at peace here. I feel like I am finally home.

So, I've decided to start blogging again. With my new life has come a new sense of purpose and adventure. Suddenly, I have a lot more to say!


  1. California born and bred! I can't imagine living anywhere else!

  2. i feel like our lives are so intertwined...like we're on this same trajectory and good things are happening all around. so happy you're in a place that fits you. love you so much!!