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Friday, March 30, 2012

The difference a year makes

Look at how short my hair was last year at this time!


And check it out now!

I should really start wearing lipstick again.


  1. Man was it only last year that we went to NYC for Bunny's birthday?! Jeez we've had a lot of changes since then!

  2. If you click on it it goes to my flicker! I'm not sure why that is happening! Weird!

  3. oh wow, the longer hair looks great! had no idea that was happening.

  4. Funny you said that about the red lipstick! I was admiring it in the first picture and noticed its absence when I scrolled down to the second. I've always wanted a good tube of red, but instead rely on another subtle color - hot pink! - which I can pull off really well. :)