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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bastards and Jerks

You know, every time I snip a negative person out of my life I feel a pound lighter. In those terms, I am anorexic now.

Sincerely, I feel like I live my life pretty honestly and make compromises and exceptions and allowances for other people when need be. I try to be understanding and loving and sincerely try to withhold my judgement of others. But as I get older I am less of a pushover. I am more interested in caring for my family and living my life than I am to pandering to the needs of financial or emotional leaches. I am really tired of being taken advantage of. I have spent too much of my life allowing people to take advantage of me because it was easier than fighting for what I believed to be right and true.

I have to say, today I feel two pounds lighter. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

And I'd like to formally apologize to my husband for being such a magnet for crazy. I really know how to pick em'.


  1. the 'New Jersey' tag on this post is a sad thing. not that i take it as directed at me or anyone i know of course, just anything or anyone that brings down the garden state makes me sad.

  2. Aw, Anthony. I wish that I had better experiences in NJ. When we lived in Northern NJ I was happier than the few months when we lived in South Jersey. It was definitely more the neighborhood than it was the state though. Our interactions with people were almost entirely unpleasant, to the extent that I stopped to wonder if I was the problem. But I am pretty sure that I wasn't. lol