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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Pet Select

For years Sidney Holler has refused to eat dog food. Sidney has lived on cat food and the crumbs of clumsy children alone. No matter how we tried, Sidney was only interested in fur ball resistant, elderly pet, catch-0f-the-day, run of the mill cat food.

When Groovy James came into our lives we knew that we couldn't also feed him cat food. His foster mom told us that he was especially fond of table scraps and didn't seem to understand dog food at all.

The day that we adopted him I saw a little cooler in the dog food aisle called "Fresh Pet Select." It's all natural, real food, dog food. You keep it in your fridge and slice it up for your dog. It looks a little bit like bologna and has chunks of peas and carrots in it. It seemed like something that a dog might think was a table scrap, so I picked up a tube of it! The dogs can't get enough of it. Sidney has been off of cat food for almost a month and Groovy James begs a little bit less when we eat now. I feel good knowing that I'm not just feeding my pets a bunch of fillers and hooves. Plus, one large tube lasts for a bit over a week. We are able to feed two dogs for $15 a week. We mix Iams natural kibble in with the FPS, so it's a bit more than that, but barely.

Both Groovy James and Sidney Holler love it. Best dog food ever!

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