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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot Dog

Dear Hot Dog,

Why you gotta be so good? And yet still be so bad?

In this case, I wish that ignorance could shield me from the ere of a big, plump, greasy hot dog, smothered in ketchup and nestled snugly in some sort of bleached, white-bread bun.

Once, every decade or so, I get a larger-than-me, out-of-control craving for a hot dog. When i was pregnant with Lila I spent my sixth month eating only hot dogs. I could easily eat five of them (Sam's Club size... NOT Oscar Meyer) in one sitting. I gained 12 pounds that month and walked away from my ob/gyn with an earful about nitrates. As it turns out, I might have just as well spent my sixth month of pregnancy with a heroine syringe in my arm while doing keg stands.

So, I quit hot dogs.

But in recent days something has come over me. I feel a need growing inside of me. On Saturday morning I bought the hot dogs. And tonight I made my family a baked lemon chicken with potatoes and steamed broccoli.

But I ate hot dogs.

And I loved every bite.

I hate myself for it. But I just can't help it.


  1. Anna- that is Funny! We were at Costco last weekend right before closing. To save time/energy we decided to eat there, but since it was closing time they were running low on my usual pizza. I haven't had a hot dog in 20 plus years, but that was really all they had...so I ate one. I was seriously sick to my stomach for two entire days. I will not eat another hot dog...ever!!

  2. Shannon, it's my guess that your body was trying to send you a message that you should NEVER put something so unnatural in it again.

    For the life of me I can not imagine what it is that's in a hot dog that I could possibly be craving.

  3. hahahahahaha. sometimes you gotta give into cravings. in this case I am glad you did and posted about it bc this is great :)

  4. i made free range chicken dogs for the kids i babysat last night. they had the smell of hot dogs and prolly the taste but i had mac n cheese plain :)

  5. OMG. I'm the same way! Every now and then a hot dog is just SO FREAKING GOOD! And I just bought a package on Saturday too! Fat free...so I don't feel AS guilty. :)

  6. I even like the morning star vegetarian hot dogs. I used to eat them all the time and mistakingly think that they were healthy. Even vegetarian hot dogs are full of crap...

    Speaking of vegetarianism, I'm going to do a 28 day vegan challenge during the month of May. Every so often I like to mix things up and see the way I feel, so expect lots of new recipes here!

  7. i used to love the veggie dogs. i have steered away from a lot of fake meat and soy.

    YaY to 28 vegan challenge and recipes :)