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Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Bear Will Make A Sailer of You...

Father Bear (while working on a crossword): I need a word that rhymes with itchy, Little Bear. Can you think of a word that rhymes with itchy?

Lila: (nonchalantly) BITCHY...

Little Bear: Itchy?


Me: Lila, what did you say?


Me: Uhhhhhhh... you know that's a cuss word, right?

Lila: (appearing to be annoyed says sharply): Yes. I know.

Me: Okay, well, please don't say that in school.

So, there are some cuss words that we say and some that we don't. We don't use the word "bitch" in our house. It seems like Lila actually thought that it was likely that Little Bear suggest that his father write the word "bitch" on his crossword puzzle. And this didn't seem to phase her or seem unusual to her at all.

This conversation was too surreal for 7AM


  1. Let's hope the next word isn't Duck!

    I like how you captured both your mannerisms here, I can picture you.

    that would be surreal for anytime, especially 7am :)

  2. We try not to freak out too much about language... but it was a little bit crazy to hear it coming out of my five year olds mouth. We always stress the appropriateness of strong language. Like, when I curse and the girls are shocked and reprimand me for it, I always point out that it was an appropriate use of it. So, I guess in Lila's mind, a rhyming game was the perfect time to drop that B-bomb.

  3. Like you, we don't freak out too much with language and tell them that it's not something other people appreciate outside the house.

    Have you checked out my blog lately? It's all about Zach's 101 ways to use the F-word. *sigh*


  4. Oooh. I'm going over there right now! I can't wait. xoxo