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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Boarding

So, today we were having a follow-up extermination some work done on our house and we needed to board our pets. I decided to let Sidney be a shop dog and took her to work with me for the day. She enjoyed six hours of treating everyone who walked through BGES's doors like an intruder who she dared to protect me from. It was actually quite sweet. By the end of the day she had chilled out a little bit. All in all, I know that it was less stressful than going to the vet and I suspect that she even had a good time and liked some of the attention.

The cats got to go to the vet. As many of you may already know, we have Pandora who is older than old. She was born in 1994! And.... SHE'S NEVER BEEN SICK IN HER LIFE. It's likely that Pandora will live forever. She's basically a long haired lump. She has one particular chair in our house that she loves to sit on (don't ever sit there. even if it's empty. If you sit there you will definitely have a pandora fur butt and I will not feel sorry for you because you've been warned.) But don't worry. It won't be empty unless we're all in bed. When we are in bed Pandora will come up to sleep near my head. Outside of moving those two times each day... she must eat and use her litter box... but that's about it.

Then there's Sherbert. He hates people. He was a stray kitten and we rescued him. I am 100% sure that he considers us the enemy, would kill us if he could and believes that we are holding him captive in our home. For a long time we considered giving him away or to a shelter (he attacks). But after awhile he became a little, orange, hostile family member and can't help but love him. I set up quarters in our house where he can be alone. I put a bed and cat cube up on top of our hutch and he spends most of his time there.

When we leave the cats at the vet for boarding, they always take a picture.

Here is Pandoras:

Here is Sherbert:

I was not exaggerating.


  1. OMg, I am sorry that Sherbert was so upset but that picture is cracking me up.

  2. To make matters worse, they didn't close his cat carrier all the way and when I took it out of the car he spilled out and onto the city street. I thought that he'd just take off and run for the hills, but he surprised me by running straight to our house, up the steps and cowered by the door. As soon as he could get inside, he did.

    Poor Sherbie. I actually really love him. I know that his attitude isn't really his fault. This is a point of contention in my marriage, as Jay really thinks that Sherbert is a jerk.

  3. ps.
    I got the impression that the vet tech agrees with Jay.

  4. That made me laugh out loud!! BTW - we decided to name our new puppy Lulu. We're getting her at the end of the week!

  5. holy crow, that is so Moritz, my cat! and i love her, Lindsay does not so much. but yeah, she is hostile, angry family member. never been sick, going on 15 years old now. i just kind of gave up on getting her shots as it is so traumatic for all involved. she has to be sedated to get her in her carrier. and you can imagine trying to pill an angry cat of this sort.

  6. those pictures are awesome! totes shows their personalities ;)

    i would laugh if i went into the BGES and sidney tried to attack, what a big protector in a little tiny, shaky body :) awesome!

    when i stayed at your old place in philly last year one of the cats slept by my head. i remember opening my eyes at one point and thinking that the cat was going to claw them out which makes me think it was sherbert but who knows.

    i always forget about pandora =( that makes me kind of sad, but she does just kinda chill in the background..

  7. Nikkol, that was definitely Sherbie. I think that the girls warned you about him when you came in.

    Pandora is easily forgettable. She very patient though. She lets the girls carry her around and play with her. They'd never DARE pick Sherbert up.

    Kim, I love the name Lulu! LOVE IT. Did you see the homemade dog treat link that I put up? I've been experimenting and Sidney loves it.

    Anthony, I remember you telling me about your mean cat years ago. Too funny. How is she with the girls? Sherbert used to attack their heads (all that golden, shiny hair) while they slept, but he hasn't done it in a long time.

  8. I did see that and am planning to try making my own at some point! Yay!