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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

Again, I just haven't been feeling so inspired lately. I haven't been knitting or writing and the only cooking that I've been doing is obligatory.

I had a WONDERFUL Valentines Day though. The day before, our family met another family from the school at the zoo and had a really nice time there. Then, the girls and I made heart shaped rice krispy treats to take to school the following day and prepared the potted succulents that they chose for their teachers. They woke up to Valentines Day breakfast on heart plates and bowls that I bought to surprise them and their valentines were on the table. I sent them off to school with their treats and bundles of valentines. When I got to work there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. Even one of my coworkers gave me chocolates. Then, when I got home I made a heart shaped chicken pot pie and homemade bread. Delicious.



  1. hey there, i am a bit concerned about your down mood :( call me anytime. i wonder if it's SAD - seasonal affective disorder. or Mbb worries, either way, i hope you're well and that you get some motivation to do something creative, which btw, your v-day is faboo!

    i love that you did all that for your family, it really shows a lot of love <3 and again, your childrens teachers must be delighted with each holiday.

    (btw - this is going back a bit, but lila looks super healthy in this photo, just a thick girl and there is nothing wrong with that, coming from another one!)