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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Gaga

So, there's a place in London that's making Baby Gaga, an ice cream made from the breast milk of 15 women. That's interesting, right?

Initially, I admit, the thought turned my stomach. I mean, I am not really interested in eating anyone's breast milk. Also, would never have used a wet nurse for my children. It's just not something that I am comfortable with. I'm sure that there are great arguments for wet nurses and I'm not debating that usefulness of them. It's just something that makes me feel uncomfortable. (How many times can I use a variation of the word "comfort" in one paragraph?) I am pretty sure that my discomfort is based in ignorance.

After all, it's not actually any different (outside of being healthier) than drinking cows milk and eating ice cream made from cow's milk. The difference is all mental.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you try it?


  1. No, I wouldn't try it. I actually think it's rather demeaning and just another way for people to get rich with the shock factor, while continuing to objectify women.

    Also, there are so many babies out there that are suffering from malnutrition that could benefit from this milk and it's a shame that it's being put to use like this.

  2. good point erika.

    i wouldn't try it bc it doesn't appeal to me in the least. i would try my own when i am pregnant if i feel like it.

    i think that wet nurses are much more prominent in other cultures than ours, but i feel the same way as you that i wouldn't want one for my children, i feel it's a bond that i wouldn't want my child to have from someone other than me.

  3. It grossed me out when I first read of it.