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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Dog Treats Ever...

Sidney Holler is not a stereotypical dog who will eat anything and is always hungry. When it comes to food, she's a bit of an elitist. Frankly, I've never seen her like a dog treat. Milkbones are beneath her and Snausages turn her belly.

As a get-well gift I grabbed a box of organic Planet Dog treats from work. They're the first treats that I've ever seen her enjoy. We have been keeping them on the table of the desk that sits next to our couch and I noticed today that she's even started helping herself!


  1. i had friends that used to make their own dog treats. makes sense to me...

  2. you could totally rock the homemade dog biscuit scene! i could see them wrapped up as gifts already!

  3. Have you ever made your own dog treats? I kind of want to try it for Rigby sometime!