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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cat Refuge

Philadelphia has a pretty big stray cat problem. It also gets really cold here with giant build-ups of snow which can be fatal to our feral friends.

This year, I took advantage of my new backyard and built a little cat shelter. I took a big Tupperware container and turned it on its side. Then, I lined the inside with old blankets and towels.

It's been sitting out there all winter and finally it has an occupant. I can hardly withstand my glee. There's a big Tom cat that's taken up residence in my little cat shelter. As soon as I discovered him I began putting food and water out. But today, when I saw him in the backyard I noticed that one of his back legs wasn't working. He wouldn't put it down and was hopping around the yard. I hope that he's okay! I mean, I can't exactly catch him and take him to the vet, so I put a new bowl of food out with a fresh bowl of water and hope that he'll have a safe place to stay tonight.


  1. Aw, this is so sweet of you!

    Our old kitty, Buddy, was a stray that used to come to my hubby's house when he was still a teenager. He'd put food and water out for him and one day, Buddy came into the yard with his leg dangling behind him. He'd been hit by a car. My hubby took him to the vet, got him fixed up and realized that if he'd just spent $400 on the cat, he might as well keep him. He became an inside cat after that. He died a few years ago at the age of 16. :)

  2. that is super sweet! i used to have a cat that would love to hang out on my porch. i hope he found a home, i haven't seen him. xoxo