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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chickie Cake Pops

My friend Shannon suggested making cake pops, and I found this incredible recipe on Bakerella that I followed! Mine are not the perfect little spheres that they show on the website, but I think that they're just as cute!

If you're looking for a special holiday treat, this is definitely the direction to go! Mine are for Bunny's first grade birthday class celebration, but I think that they're a fantastic Easter sweet as well!

Here are some pictures from the project! I'll let them do the talkin', but if you have any questions just let me know. I was nervous about this project. Though it was time consuming, it was pretty easy and I love the way they turned out.








  1. I think I will make these for the kids egg hunt at school next week. How long do you think it took you? They are so cute! Wondering if and how I could do bunnies too.

  2. Hey Ginger, I've seen the bunnies. You need the candy corn that are in pastel colors for the ears. Then just a pink gel frosting ball for the nose and those food coloring pens for the eyes and whiskers. Super cute.

    These took me a few hours to make. They are really easy... but there's a lot of cooling and letting things set before you can dip them in the candy coating. After I rolled them, I let them sit in the fridge for around a half an hour before putting the sticks in. Then I let them sit in the fridge for another half an hour before rolling them in the candy.

  3. What is the white stuff in with the mashed cake batter? frosting?


  4. I just got asked to review her book! Girly and I are wicked excited!

  5. Yay!!!!!!! That's awesome! I can't wait to read your review!

  6. When I saw the cake pops I knew it had to be Bakerella! She's good friend with thepioneerwoman.com who I read all the time.

    Annah - you asked me a while ago for my pizza crust recipe and I've spaced getting it to you! I use the Pioneer Woman's. SUPER easy and good!

    If you scroll through this recipe you'll find the ingredients at the bottom!


  7. Sorry for sticking an "h" at the end of your name! I was just rereading it and thought, huh, that's not right! Not thinking! :) (And I'm STILL not used to addressing you as Anna! You're still Ann - with an "e.") :)

  8. That's really funny Kim. When I was in High School I made everyone put an "h" at the end of my name because I thought that it looked glamourous. Hahahhahah... Maybe it was subconscious.

    I'll check out that recipe. The poppers that you made were from the pioneer woman. THEY ARE SO GOOD.